WC 2013 Results


Results, live game updates, box scores and play by play summaries will be available for all games for the ISF Men's World Softball Championships.  These are brought to you by the New Zealand Softball Scorers Association. 
The live updates can be viewed by clicking the links and are available in a graphic form or in an HTML format. They can also be replayed at any stage after the game.  Live updates are made available using i-Score sports, leader in mobile scorekeeping technology.
The results, box scores and play by play summaries will be made available as soon as possible after the end of each game.

Day One - Friday March 1

1 9.30am Great Britain Vs Samoa   II A
2 10.30am Colombia Vs Philippines   I B
3 12.00pm Indonesia Vs Czech Republic   II A
4 1.00pm Netherlands Vs Japan   I B
5 2.30pm Venezuela Vs South Africa   II A
6 3.30pm Argentina Vs Canada   I B
7 7.30pm United States Vs Australia   II A
8 7.30pm New Zealand Vs Mexico   I B

Day Two - Saturday March 2

9 11.00am Australia Vs Indonesia   II A
10 12.00pm Samoa Vs United States   I A
11 1.30pm South Africa Vs Czech Republic   II A
12 2.30pm New Zealand Vs Colombia   I B
13 4.00pm Venezuela Vs Great Britain   II A
14 5.00pm Canada Vs Philippines   I B
15 6.30pm Netherlands Vs Mexico   II B
16 7.30pm Japan Vs Argentina   I B

Day Three - Sunday March 3

17 11.00am Mexico Vs Canada   II B
18 12.00pm South Africa Vs United States   I A
19 1.30pm Indonesia Vs Samoa   II A
20 2.30pm New Zealand Vs Japan   I B
21 4.00pm Philippines Vs Argentina   II B
22 5.00pm Great Britain Vs Australia   I A
23 6.30pm Colombia Vs Netherlands   II B
24 7.30pm Czech Republic Vs Venezuela   I A

Day Four - Monday March 4

25 11.00am Argentina Vs Netherlands   II B
26 12.00pm Great Britain Vs Indonesia   I A
27 1.30pm Czech Republic Vs United States   II A
28 2.30pm Philippines Vs Mexico   I B
29 4.00pm Japan Vs Colombia   II B
30 5.00pm South Africa Vs Australia   I A
31 6.30pm Venezuela Vs Samoa   II A
32 7.30pm Canada Vs New Zealand   I B

Day Five - Tuesday March 5

33 11.00am Australia Vs Venezuela   II A
34 12.00pm Mexico Vs Colombia   I B
35 1.30pm Czech Republic Vs Samoa   II A
36 2.30pm United States Vs Indonesia   I A
37 4.00pm Great Britain Vs South Africa   II A
38 5.00pm Japan Vs Canada   I B
39 6.30pm Philippines Vs Netherlands   II B
40 7.30pm New Zealand Vs Argentina   I B

Day Six - Wednesday March 6

41 11.00am South Africa Vs Indonesia   II A
42 12.00pm Venezuela Vs United States   I A
43 1.30pm Japan Vs Philippines   II B
44 2.30pm Great Britain Vs Czech Republic   I A
45 4.00pm Canada Vs Colombia   II B
46 5.00pm Australia Vs Samoa   I A
47 6.30pm Argentina Vs Mexico   II B
48 7.30pm New Zealand Vs Netherlands   I B

Day Seven - Thursday March 7

49 11.00am Great Britain Vs United States   II A
50 12.00pm Indonesia Vs Venezuela   I A
51 1.30pm Colombia Vs Argentina   II B
52 2.30pm South Africa Vs Samoa   I A
53 4.00pm Netherlands Vs Canada   II B
54 5.00pm Australia Vs Czech Republic   I A
55 6.30pm Mexico Vs Japan   II B
56 7.30pm New Zealand Vs Philippines   I B

Day Eight - Friday March 8

C1 12.00pm Samoa Vs Japan   I  
C2 2.30pm Argentina Vs USA   I  
C3 5.30pm Australia Vs New Zealand   I  
C4 8.30pm Canada Vs Venezuela   I  

Day Nine - Saturday March 9

C5 11.30am Japan Vs Australia   I  
C6 2.00pm Argentina Vs Canada   I  
C7 5.00pm New Zealand Vs Venezuela   I  
C8 7.30pm Australia Vs Argentina   I  

Day Ten - Sunday March 10

Bronze Medal Game:
C9 10.00am Australia Vs Venezuela   I  

Gold Medal Game:
C10 1.00pm Venezuela Vs New Zealand   I