The treasurers role

It’s important to note that there is a key player to your associations of clubs finances; The treasurer.
The treasurer is represented on the club or association’s board or committee, and take overall responsibility for its financial management.
The treasurer will require a job description - this sets out what they're supposed to do and provides standards for their performance.
The treasurer's role includes reporting on actual finances and seeking out the best ways to use available funds.

The size of this job will depend on how big the club is and whether there are other people who can help - either with the financial administration or as a finance sub-committee.
Even though a treasurer is appointed, every board member should have an understanding of a club’s accounts and financial reports. This knowledge will help with strategic planning, accountability, corporate governance and effective risk management.
The basic needs for a treasurer
The treasurer needs the following stationery to perform their job effectively:
  • A good accounting system and software. Some associations use a system called Xero.  Check out Xero here  ( )
  • A Cheque books
  • Bank deposit books
  • Access to online banking (optional)
  • A cash book or general ledger
  • Payment authorisation (cheque requisition) vouchers
  • A numbered receipt book with carbon copy page
  • Account forms for members' subscriptions
  • A petty cash payment book and petty cash vouchers
  • A file for accounts payable, that is, amounts owing to suppliers for goods and services purchased
  • A file to store receipts from accounts paid
  • A file of orders placed with suppliers
  • A file to store bank statements.
Please find below a list of resources that will assist you.
Resource or link Description
Treasurers role description This is an example role description for a treasurer. Feel free to adapt it to suit your association or club’s needs.