Annual Plans

An annual plan breaks down your business plan into yearly achievements… it is almost like a working calendar of projects you have identified in your business plan.
Therefore creating an annual plan is the third and final step of your long term planning before the association starts getting their hands dirty and implementing the long term plans.
Remember that if the annual plan is the third step…….
  • The strategic plan is the first steps
  • The business plan is the second step
The annual plan will help keep the board, staff, volunteers or committees on track with their responsibilities identified in the business plan by providing them with a time frame of when items need to be completed.
Resource or link Description
Annual plan Template This document provides you a template that you can utilise when you set out your annual plan. It is set out in a monthly calendar format highlighting any key events/meetings the assn has as well as any key projects that need to be undertaken each month.
This document is another form of template you can use when doing your annual planning. It breaks it down into annual achievements rather than monthly.  You may decide to use it in conjunction with the above to make sure everyone is crystal clear of their roles and responsibilities