Yvette Grant

Sirius Sports Softball volunteer profile

Name: Yvette Grant
Birth place: Nelson
Position within Club/Association: Seddon Shield/Intercity Committee member, Nelson representative player, Southern Pride representative player, Established and run Rangers Youth softball and tee ball, Co coach Rangers youth softball team
Favourite Player: I don't have one in softball
Favourite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Favourite TV Show: The Mentalist

Name 3 people you would like to invite to Dinner and why?
Genna Thomson, Jenni Mumm and Amanda Drogemuller. There's nothing like good food, good wine and great company. Getting to spend an evening with great mates is special and I don't do it enough.

How did you come about being involved in Softball?
A friend got me to fill in for a team in my teens, I thought it was a bit of fun so took it up again after having children. Over the 10 years that I hadn't played, the competition had dramatically declined so I got a little more involved than just playing to try and help build things back up. One thing lead to another and I can never say no.

Yvette Grant


Who has been your greatest influence in Softball?
Dennis Dolejs

What is your vision for Softball in 5 years time from a local perspective?
I'd like to say that it will be great, we have awesome facilities in Nelson (I think the best in NZ) and it would be wonderful to have those occupied every day of the week and hosting International games, plus mid-week twilight competition but unless we start developing our youth and putting more time and energy into them I feel the pool will dry up. It's wonderful having great facilities but a huge waste of time and money if we don't have any players. So that to me is the most important thing over the next 5 years, developing the youth competition.

What is your greatest achievement in Softball as a valued volunteer?
Establishing the Rangers youth softball and tee ball with Marty Grant in our little country community and having just under 100 children on the grounds playing every Tuesday afternoon when we first started - that was a thrill to see all those children out there who hadn't even seen it being played before having a blast with their parents

What do you wish to achieve as a volunteer in the coming season(s)?
I would love to spread the bug further and get more children coming along to Rangers softball and be entering more teams from there into the Nelson competition and I would love to see competitions starting up between school teams - schools challenging schools in school time.