Jackson Watt

Jackson Watt (002) City: Christchurch
Province: Canterbury
Position: Outfield
Secondary position: DH
Height: 187cm
Bats:  / Throws: Right/Left
Current Club: Papanui
Employer: ELE Group
What do you like to do in your spare time: Hang out with mates, have a hack at golf etc
Tell us about your philosophy for playing the game of softball and about what you hope to accomplish at the Challenge Cup: I want to do anything I possibly can to help my team get a gold medal on championship day no matter what my role is. My philosophy on softball is I never want to suck the fun out of the game at any level, enjoy the pressure, enjoy the challenge and enjoy playing with a team with all your mates in it whether it be for a club, province or country
Training regimen: 3 x softball -2x gym per week
Softball achievements: Making the intercontinental cup team for the Black Sox winning gold