Event Management

Event Management

Many softball associations are or will be involved in coordinating and delivering one off or ongoing events. These events could be a Softball NZ sanctioned tournament or a local initiative, regardless planning is important.

A successful event will be enjoyable for all those involved and rewarding for the association. In addition, running a successful event may have positive spin off's such as enhancing local public image, and the potential to attract new members.

Whether it's a big event or a small event, good organisation will ensure that your event runs smoothly and without that extra stress that can sometimes be tagged with running an event.

A huge aspect for running an event is all in the planning. Being well organised will mean you are prepared and ready to go on the day. 

Planning your event can happen in four stages: planning, preparation, presentation, and evaluation.

Please find below a list of resources that will get you well on your way to running an efficient and well organised event.
If you require further assistance or advice please contact your appointed SNZ Softball officer for further assistance.

Planning your event can happen in four stages

Useful downloads



What type of event is your club/association running and what do we need to do to make it happen 

  1. SNZ’s Easy checklist for preplanning your event


This part of the process details the 'what, where, how, who and when' parts of your event

SNZ A guide to hosting tournaments

This resource has been created for associations and clubs who don’t have a lot of time or resource (staff, committees or volunteers etc) to commit to pre planning an event extensively. The aim is for this resource to assist you to make sure you have the basics in place that you require on the covering the aspects below.

1. Key personal at tournaments
2. Event volunteers
3. Event delivery
4. Common event issues
5. Information to assist you post event
6. Ways to recognise volunteers

Working documents
1. A checklist for associations who are running an event
2. Event volunteer requirements table
3. Role descriptions for key event volunteers/administrators
4. Pre event tournament letter (example) 5. Managers Meeting Agenda
6. Closing Ceremony Agenda
7. Volunteer certificate


Things to remember on the day of your event

  1. Important Health and Safety checklist info


What worked really well, and what could be done better next time.

  1. Tournament Evaluation form for Managers
  2. Managers Evaluation Criteria

 Additional Information

  1. Program Template (Coming soon)
  2. Scorecard Template (Coming soon)
  3. Guidelines for Judicial Committee & Jury of Appeal (Coming soon)