The Rules


FASTBALL 45® is innovative and dynamic! An exciting new product with modifications to provide a higher paced and intense version of softball for both male and females.

The concept is designed to enhance the best parts of the game with higher frequency. To achieve this state of play traditional rules have been broken and radicalised to; increase the amount of ball in play, increase double plays, scoring opportunities and the points system itself.


The game of FASTBALL 45® continues to evolve with rules being reviewed and tweaked at the end of each season.

Following last season’s inaugural National League, a panel was formed to review surveys put to membership and those fortunate to have played the game. As a result of insights gathered several rules were tweaked with a few new ones being included for the 2021 National League.

Several other significant rules were considered but unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic the piloting of any potential new rules simply wasn’t practical or achievable.

If you are hosting a FASTBALL 45® event and interested in piloting and new rule, please contact Softball NZ.

  • No balls are to be thrown around the infield during an innings changeover.
  • Fourth inning - Runners on 1st and 3rd as opposed to a runner on first base.
  • DH to be replaced with DP.

Offensive Power Play (change to rule in blue)
  • Each team is allowed ‘one’ offensive power play.
  • The Crew Chief will indicate a power play by pumping their fist above their head.
  • The offensive team can reduce the defensive team by 1 player for two consecutive batters at any point in the game.
  • - The two consecutive batters cannot run into the next inning.
  • - Coaches are required to notify the Home Plate Umpire of their intention to initiate the power play prior to a new batter stepping up to the plate. The power play cannot be applied during an at bat.
  • The defensive team will then remove one player from the field for the next two consecutive batters (not outs).
  • The same defensive player is removed for both batters.
  • If the defensive player removed is an infielder, they are to return to their dugout
  • If the defensive player removed is an outfielder, they are to move to the fence in foul territory
  • If a “live” ball is touched by the removed fielder, then the batter-runner, if applicable, and all other base runners will be awarded two bases, unless, in the umpire’s judgement, a fair batted ball would have been a homerun, in which case all runners will score. NB the defensive player interfering in this way will receive a Red Card
  • Once the power play has concluded no more are available for that team.

Download the official Rules of FASTBALL 45® here.


  • 45 mins or 4 innings
  • 3 balls and 3 strikes
  • 3 outs per inning
  • Double play clears an inning
  • Runner(s) starting on base every inning
  • Double points for successful squeeze plays
  • Base runners able to lead off earlier
  • Offensive power plays
  • Offensive declaration 
  • Yellow and red cards
  • 4 Umpires and 2 Scorers.
Photo Credit: DB Sports Photography

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