Zac Boyd

Zac-Boyd (002) City: Wellington
Province: Wellington
Position: Short Stop
Secondary position: 3rd Base
Height: 181cm
Bats:  / Throws: Right/Right
Current Club: Poriua City United
Employer: Aotea Roofing
What do you like to do in your spare time: Aotea Roofing
Tell us about your philosophy for playing the game of softball and about what you hope to accomplish at the Challenge Cup: I play softball because I really enjoy it and I am obsessed with winning. I also believe in hustle and think the game is only 1 hour and 45mins so you should leave everything out there
Training regimen: Monday – Gym with the Sox members. Tuesday/Thursday club trainings. Gym/Run 6 days a week. Tee work 5 x per week. 2 x Games per week
Softball achievements: Playing in the junior world series. Being part of the Black Sox squads