The Rules


FASTBALL 45® is innovative and dynamic! An exciting new product with modifications to provide a higher paced and intense version of softball for both male and females.

The concept is designed to enhance the best parts of the game with higher frequency. To achieve this state of play traditional rules have been broken and radicalised to; increase the amount of ball in play, increase double plays, scoring opportunities and the points system itself.

Having analysed game data and reviewing feedback from last season’s FASTBALL 45® Auckland club series and also the recent Halswell men's and women's tournament further tweaks to the rules been made.


Softball NZ has introduced a new rule to FASTBALL 45® – Offensive Declaration.

The rule will provide teams an opportunity to declare their batting innings finished at any point in the game. We envision with time running out, the batting team at the top of the innings may take the lead and then wish to ‘declare’ so as to try and get three outs for the match, all before time runs out.

FASTBALL 45® is fantastic product, a product that is in its infancy, and one that will require further modifications to allow it to evolve.

The Offensive Declaration Rule

In all games during the competition, including finals, the batting team may declare their innings closed at any time, but only once during the game.

Download the official Rules of FASTBALL 45® here (as of 8 December).


  • 45 mins or 4 innings
  • 3 balls and 3 strikes
  • 3 outs per inning
  • Double play clears an inning
  • Runner(s) starting on base every inning
  • Double points for successful squeeze plays
  • Base runners able to lead off earlier
  • Offensive power plays
  • Offensive declaration 
  • Yellow and red cards
  • 4 Umpires and 2 Scorers.
Photo Credit: DB Sports Photography
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