Plastoil National Female Battery Programme

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11 November 2020

The Plastoil National Female Battery Programme is finally underway. The programmed designed around supporting our current and future White Sox and Junior White Sox pitchers and catchers to become a true international force over the upcoming years. The programme sees the elite New Zealand based pitchers and catchers supported by a host of coaches with high level international experience, guide the athletes on their quest for continual improvement.
The Weekend of the 31st of October and the 1st of November saw the first ever National Battery Camp attended by 20 athletes and 8 Coaches.
The camp covered off on many of the technical aspects of pitching and catching as well as an introduction to individuals that have been involved in Women’s Softball at the Olympic Level.
The athletes have now set their 3 monthly targets for improvement and will work with National Pitching Coach Jennifer Feret- Brear and National Catching Coach Stephen Ratu and their fantastic regional coaches to ensure that these first targets in their quest for continuous improvement are meet.

Battery Director
Dave Elder


31 August 2020

Softball NZ are pleased to announce 22 Athletes to attend the Plastoil National Female Battery Programme (NFBP) camp this November.
12 pitchers and 10 catchers will attend the inaugural camp in Lower Hutt 31 Oct / 1 Nov under the instruction of Lead Coaches Jennifer Feret-Brear and Stephen Ratu.
The athletes have been identified with the potential to make an impact on future White Sox performances on the international stage, and ultimately qualify for the 2028 Olympic Games.
In addition, the NFBP has engaged a number of regional coaches who will be tasked in providing local support to both the athletes and Lead Coaches.
Plastoil National Female Battery Programme 2020
Pitchers: Tyla Morrison, Loran Parker, Megan Sneddon, Brooke Glassie, Sachi Clark (Auckland), Innika Hapuku-Lambert (Hawkes Bay), Rongomai Luke Royal (Hutt Valley), Tui-Aroha Fransen, Shyann Wairau (Wellington), Amy Begg, Cherie Inwood, Brittany Terrey (Canterbury).
Catchers: Kyla Bromhead, Ashley Scott, Kiara Taimai, Milla Glassie (Auckland), Otila Tavite, Kimihia Tangianau, Keri Simeon (Hutt Valley), Emma Francis (Wellington), Layla McDowell, Manaia Makiri (Canterbury)
Regional Coaches: Gretchen Aucoin, Stefanie Smith, Ricky Earley (Auckland), Shivaun Landeros, Kiri Shaw, Craig Wallace (Hutt Valley/Wellington), Suzy de Lautour, Carly Werahiko (Canterbury)
Management: Battery Director – Dave Elder, Lead Pitching Coach - Jennifer Feret-Brear, Lead Catching Coach – Stephen Ratu


11 August 2020

Softball NZ are pleased to announce the Lead Pitching and Catching Coaches for the National Female Battery Programme (NFBP).

Former White Sox pitcher Jennifer Feret-Brear will provide guidance to the pitchers while former Black Sox catcher Stephen Ratu will manage the catchers.

The programme is extremely fortunate to be spearheaded by such knowledgeable and experienced individuals. Feret-Brear who debuted for the White Sox in 2011 went onto play in three world championships in 2014, 2016 and 2018, along with the 2019 Olympic Qualifier in Shanghai, China.

Ratu had a lengthy career as a Black Sox catcher with his first appearance touring Japan in 1999. He then went onto represent New Zealand in two world championships, 2009 and 2015.

Both Feret-Brear and Ratu will work with the newly appointed Battery Director Dave Elder to lift the quality of battery stocks in our national female programmes.

The first battery camp has been set for early October with identified athletes being named next week.



31 July 2020

Softball NZ are pleased to announce Dave Elder as the Battery Director of the newly developed National Female Battery Programme (NFBP).
Elder’s main role will be to oversee the delivery of the programme and provide the necessary support to Lead Pitching and Catching Coaches.
A former pitcher and current Junior White Sox Pitching Coach, Elder will bring a wealth of experience to the position given his lifetime of involvement in the game. Elder has not only been a servant to New Zealand softball but Australian softball too where his expertise at club, state and national levels have been invaluable. From 2009 to 2013 Elder held the role as Director of Coaching for the Brisbane Softball Academy before returning to his hometown of New Plymouth. Since then Elder has provided ongoing support to numerous clubs, associations and individuals across the breadth of the country.
Elders say’s “It is critical that this programme become the basis of an ongoing opportunity to not only develop a level of international quality pitchers and catchers, but also ensure that once achieved, this will continue to develop on that success this could be the basis of a successful programme for many years to come.”
Softball NZ intend to announce the NFBP Lead Pitching and Catching Coaches early next month along with 21 athletes identified for the programme.


03 May 2020

Softball NZ are pleased to announce the roll out of the National Female Battery Programme (NFBP).

The purpose of the programme is designed to spearhead the identification of talented pitchers and catchers who have the potential to make an impact on future Sky Sport New Zealand White Sox performances on the international stage, and ultimately qualify for the 2028 Olympic Games.


Identified pitchers and catchers will receive support through comprehensive specialist coaching, training camps, sports science, and a strength and conditioning programme.


Further details will follow regarding an upcoming NFBP camp and the naming of identified athletes.


As a result, Softball NZ are now calling for applications for the following positions:

  • NFBP Battery Director
  • NFBP Lead Pitching Coach
  • NFBP Lead Catching Coach.


JD’s can be downloaded from the Softball NZ website,


Application form and CV to be received by 9am Wednesday – 15 July 2020
Applications to be emailed to