Application considerations and resources

The below criteria will give you an idea of what you may need to keep in mind when planning your project and application. Please note that this will vary for each Regional Sports Trust (RST) so it is best to touch base with your RST and/or your Softball NZ Softball Officer. 
  • Projected growth in participation of school-aged children in sport within the region. 
  • That greater opportunity and/or choice is provided to school-aged children. 
  • That there is an improvement in the skill levels of school-aged children. 
  • That the activity or programme is sustainable with pathways to ongoing involvement ideally being created. 
  • Making sport for youth cost effective 
  • That there is clear evidence of partnerships formed with and between schools, community, sports organisations and funders. 
  • Fostering school – club links 
  • That there is demonstrated leverage of funding from a range of sources to supplement and support a KiwiSport fund allocation. 
  • That there is a clearly identified and stated assessment of current participation numbers and a robust system for measuring achievement of the stated proposal outcomes and the difference that the activity/programme will make. 
  • That the project involves sports codes / teachers / coaches / other providers delivering active sessions for children to improve their fundamental movement skills (FMS) and basic sport skills. 
  • The use and introduction of new or modified games / leagues that cater for a wide range of children’s abilities and interests.  
  • That projects increase the number and quality of coaches and volunteers in the community.  
  • Breaking down barriers to participation (i.e. transport issues, costs etc) 
Some Softball examples you could use are 
Interschool pink zone competitions 
Over The Line Softball 
minute softball League or Arena Softball  
Te Reo T-Ball Passport 
Teacher development running parallel to student development