Please find below some resources that will assist with making your KiwiSport Application and project management easier, 
Please contact your appointed SNZ Softball officer for further assistance with application support, concept writing or if would like soft copies of any of the templates provided in the resources 
For more information on individual RST timelines and the process for applying for funding please check the websites for the relevant Trusts – all should have a dedicated page for the KiwiSport RPF. Note investment plans are based on regional consultation findings therefore different RSTs will each adopt a different approach based on local needs. Contact details can be obtained from SportNZs list of RST's

Resource or Link Description
 SNZ a guide to KiwiSport Softball NZ has designed this resource to support Associations and clubs with their understanding of the KiwiSport fund, what the Regional Sports Trusts role in Kiwisport is, and how your Softball NZ Softball Officers can assist you with your project application. 
More specifically this resource contains information on 
  • What KiwiSport is 
  • Application criteria to consider 
  • Softball Ideas for KiwiSport Applications 
  • Case Studies of KiwiSport Projects around NZ 
  • Information, checklists, and examples around Employing your KiwiSport Coach 
  • Information, checklists and examples around the relationship between the association and schools involved in your KiwiSport Project 
  • templates and checklists that will help you manage, monitor and report the progress of your KiwiSport project as it is implemented. 
 SNZ KiwiSport: A quick guideline for coaches This resource has been designed to provide you, as the deliverer/presenter/coach, a basic guideline of how to prepare when presenting to bigger groups such as school classes.   
More specifically this resource contains information on 
  • Safety 
  • Classroom management 
  • Session planning 
  • Quick tips for festival & interschool competition days 
  • Modified games 
  • Personal development for teachers & coaches 
  • Softball Catchphrases 
  • Core Skill breakdown 
  • Warm up: quick ideas 
  • Small sided activities: quick ideas