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As a sport we are constantly looking for more volunteers either as coaches, umpires, scorers or administrators to help run our game effectively. Retaining volunteers hasn’t always been a strength within our game, we are often trying to find new people to replace those previously involved.
Investing time into volunteers is crucial and something that can sometimes be overlooked. A successful volunteer programme needs investment into planning and maintenance of the programme and, of course, the volunteers themselves.

As a community we need to retain our volunteers, find others to share the load as opposed to rely on the dedicated few. It is incredibly important we develop and value the people who contribute so much of their valuable time to make Softball happen.

Below are useful links/downloads helping arm you with further knowledge regarding recruitment, retention and recognition of volunteers.
Check it out the information below and see it can assist your club or association.

Resource / Link Description
Softball New Zealand Workforce Planning Strategy

This is an important document if we are to ensure; a future workforce, a workforce with a skill base and meet the changing needs of participants. Success of this strategy will only come from a willingness of our community to work together to increase knowledge, improve capability and most importantly, improve how we engage with staff and volunteers.
The Path to Volunteer development

This resource has been designed to help associations increase and develop the volunteer pool.
The document is broken down into the following sub sections to assist your association:
  • Developing your Volunteer plan
  • Recruiting and Engaging Volunteers
  • Retaining Volunteers
  • Recognising Volunteers
  • Event Volunteers 
The resource compliments the following adjoining resource that you can actively use to help you on your way. “Workbook: To Aid Volunteer Development”
Workbook to aid volunteer development

Complimenting the above resource - The path to Volunteer Development..

The path to Volunteer Development consists of templates, tables and worksheets to help you manage a volunteer program successfully.
Using the media to promote volunteer participation

Volunteering NZ has produced information to help you understand Volunteering; how is has changed over generations and ways to engage potential volunteers
Volunteers heart of sport experiences motivations

In 2007 Sport NZ (then known as SPARC) conducted a survey on Sport Volunteers Experiences.
This document details the findings from the Survey conducted on behalf of Sports and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC). In the survey, sports volunteers report many positive experiences but also identify some challenges and barriers to successful volunteering.
SPARC has prepared this document to help community-level organisations refine their volunteer management practices and to help sports clubs, regional sports trusts and others
become better recruiters and managers of volunteers
Volunteer certificate (Certificate of appreciation)
A template certificate which Associations and Clubs can use to thank your volunteers. Certificates are available in two forms; an editable PDF and also Power point.
Volunteer research findings

Some quick facts on volunteering.
Employee Volunteering Health and Safety Guidelines

Volunteering New Zealand has prepared a number of guidelines highlighting health and safety issues associated with employee volunteering.
The guidelines aim to promote safety and prevent accidents/injuries among employee volunteers, cover volunteering risk factors, responsibilities and useful contacts.

Nominate a volunteer for the SNZ annual awards.

Categories include:
  • Administrator of the Year
  • Personality of the Year
  • Domestic Coach of the year
  • Volunteer of the Year

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