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Would all you UICs please distribute these to the wider membership within your area.


As you can see this was our fifth draft, and includes more air fares than we had had before.  I know some of you will still be disappointed but ultimately it does come down to costs and tournament requirements.   Every tournament is different.


Hopefully you all  stay committed to those tournaments to which you have been appointed.  If you have to withdraw for whatever reason, I need to know smartly.  The sooner the better.  If you have incurred a flight your reason for withdrawing had better be a very good one.


That’s it from me.  Let me take the opportunity of wishing you all the very best over what looks like another extremely busy season.  Hopefully I will catch up with you all during that time in one capacity or another.


Kind regards


Lindsay Edwards
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The new 2018-2021 Softball NZ rulebook is now available for purchase from Softball NZ, here is the online version of the rulebook – click here

National Fastpitch Tournaments are held throughout the country primarily between the months of October through to the end of March.  These comprise of the National Age Grade Tournaments for Under 15, Under 18 and Under 23 which are held in January each year.  The Men's and Women's National Fastpitch Championship (NFC) is held at the discretion of Softball New Zealand to fit around other major tournaments.  Open Men and Women Championships take place in March along with the Secondary Schools' tournaments.

For more details about the draw / venue for each tournament click here to find out more. 

Prior to the commencement of each season, nominations are called from umpires level 2 and above for consideration for national appointment.  Your nominations will be considered by the National Umpiring Staff (NUS) for appropriate appointment and communicated back to you via your local Chief Umpire and this website.

The following provides the current national tournament schedules for the current season.  Any changes / additions are reflected in the addendum/s listed below.

National Tournament Appointment Schedule

To be advised

The following table provides the national tournament schedules and Field Examinations for past years.
National Tournament Final Appointment Schedule
National Tournament Final
Field Examination Schedule
National Tournament Final
Number of Games Schedule
2014-2015   2014-2015
Exams and Answer Papers

SNZ current and past exam and answer papers.
Level 1-3 rules test 2019 Paper Version

Level 4-7 rules test 2019 Paper Version

Level 1-3 rules test 2019 Online

Level 4-7 rules test 2019 Online

Level 1-3 rules test answers 2019

Level 4-7 rules test answers 2019


2018 Rules Test - Level 1 to 3 Paper Version

2018 Rules Test - Level 4 to 7 Paper Version

2018 Rules Test - Level 1 to 3 Online

2018 Rules Test - Level 4 to 7 Online

2018 Levels 1-3

2018 Levels 4-7
2017 Rules Test 2017 Answer Sheet
2016 Rules Test - Level 1 to 3

2016 Rules Test - Level 4 to 7

2016 Answers - Level 1 to 3 (25 Question Test)

2016 Answers - Level 1 to 3 (50 Question Test)

2016 Answers - Level 1 to 4 (100 Question Test)
2015 2015

To be confirmed


Listed below are a number of documents Tournament Chief Umpires may require during the period they are assigned to national tournaments as SNZ's Official Tournament Chief Umpire

March 2020 SNZ Umpires Pathways Framework

SNZ Level One Workbook

SNZ Level Two Workbook
February 2020 WBSC Bat List and Bat Testing Protocols

For all WBSC Rules, Mechanics and the Case Play Book 
August 2018 SNZ Rule Book 2018-2021

SNZ Code of Conduct
July 2018 SNZ Touring Guide Policy 
October 2017 SNZ Grading System Policy

SNZ Annual Rules Test Policy
September 2017 SNZ Emergency Contact Form
Evaluation Forms Section SNZ Umpire Evaluation Form - PDF Version

SNZ Umpire Evaluation Form - Word Version
July 2016 Local UIC Reporting Template

SNZ National UIC Reporting Template
January 2010 Umpire Appointments Template

Technical Bulletins contains information relating to the Rules and Interpretations of the current playing rules of the game.  Any changes from WBSC Congress are reviewed and technical bulletins are created for umpires, coaches, administrators and players to remain current with International Interpretations.

Click on this link to the WBSC Technical Bulletin page for more information.

Mechanical Bulletins contains information relating to umpire mechanics and rotations.  

Click on this link to the WBSC Mechanical Bulletin page for more information.


Click on this link to the WBSC Rules and Case Plays page for more information.


The following documents set out the policy and guidelines for all SNZ Umpires.  Familiarisation with these documents is paramount ensuring umpires understand the impact the sport has on sports officials.
April 2020 SNZ Umpires Pathways Framework V1.2 March 2020 FINAL.
July 2018 SNZ Touring Guide Policy

SNZ Umpires' Strategic Plan 2016 - 2021
October 2017 SNZ Grading System Policy

SNZ Annual Rules Test Policy
July 2017 SNZ Umpires' Code of Conduct
May 2009 National Distinguished Service Award Policy
September 2008 SNZ Bat Policy
This part of the Education and Training section provides articles from some of the best umpires in the game.  Browse through the many articles that have assisted many umpires in their umpiring careers. 
An Umpires Road
to the Olympics
Back to Basics Covering The Bases Don't let Competition Anxiety
get the Better of You
Effective Speaking -Oscars Everyone loves to Win - But How Many Love to Train Fans and the Umpire Imagination is more important
than knowledge
Lighting can Kill Lineup Cards Managing the Fortune Teller The Fastpitch Plate Umpire
Through An Umpires Eyes Umpires must have
Game Management Skills
Umpiring Is About Relationships Umpiring Myths
When and How to get help from
your Partner
When and how to use the power of Ejection    

Welcome to the Traveling Umpires' Report section.  In this section you will read about the many experiences SNZ Umpires have had whilst traveling abroad.  Umpires that are selected to travel abroad must provide a report to the General Manager SNZ and the Umpire-in-Chief three weeks after the conclusion of their tour.  For further information about traveling abroad click here to read about SNZ's Touring Umpire Guide.
June 2019 Mark Porteous  Senior Mens Worlds - Prague
July / August 2018 Lance Brown - Senior Women's Worlds - Chiba, Japan

Tony "TK" Kaiaruna - Senior Women's Worlds - Chiba, Japan
July / August 2017 Tony "TK" Kaiaruna - Senior Men's Worlds - Yukon, Canada

Mark Porteous - Senior Men's Worlds - Yukon, Canada

Dave Fortin - Junior Women's Worlds - Florida, USA

Glen Nalepa - Canadian Exchange
June / July 2016 Tony "TK" Kaiaruna - Junior Men's - Michigan USA

Dave Fortin - Junior Men's - Michigan USA

Tara Harris / Gavin Shepard - Women's World Series, Vancouver Canada.

Robbie Sadgrove / Dennis Ormsby - International Youth Cup, Sydney Australia
August 2015 Tony "TK" Kaiaruna / Tara Harris - Junior Women's - Oklahoma, USA
June / July 2015 Shaun "Bob" Poata - International Friendship Series - Sydney, Australia

Lance Brown / Mark Porteous - Men's World Series - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
August 2014 Gavin Shepherd - Junior Men's World Series - Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Nicola Ogier, Glen Nalepa - Women's World Series - Harlem, Holland

Jeremy England - ISC Men's World Tournament - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
July 2014 Ben Horn - International Friendship Series - Sydney, Australia
January 2014 Tony "TK" Kaiaruna - Trans Tasman Exchange
August 2013 Riki Tourangi - Junior Wormen's World Series - USA
March 2013 Lance Type, Wiremu Tamaki, Lance Brown, Mark MacFarlane - Men's World Series - Auckland, New Zealand
November 2012 Darrel Paul - 2012 Gillies Shield - Adelaide, Australia
November 2012 Jeremy England - 2012 Junior Men's World Series, Parana, Argentina
November 2012 Mark Porteous - 2012 Junior Men's World Series, Parana, Argentina
October 2012 Andrew McManus - 2012 Gillies Shield - Perth, Australia
July 2012 Nicola Ogier - 2012F ISF Senior Women's World Series, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
July 2012 Andrew McManus - International Youth Cup 2012, Sydney, Australia
June - July 2012 Wiremu Tamaki - 2012 Black Sox Tour to North America
December 2011 Dave Shedlock - 2011 ISF Junior Women's World Series, Cape Town, South Africa
December 2011 Mark Porteous - 2011 ISF Oceania Qualifier, Canberra, Australia
January 2011 Mark Porteous - 2011 ISF Certification Clinic, Brisbane, Australia
November 2010 Mark Porteous - Gilley's Shield - Sydney, Australia
August 2010 Wiremu Tamaki - ISC World Tournament - Michigan, USA
July 2010 Jeff Weber - Friendship Games - Sydney, Australia
December 2009 Mark Porteous - Gilley's Shield - Victoria, Australia
July 2009
Gavin Shepherd - Friendship Games - Sydney, Australia
June - July 2009 Mark McFarlane - North American Tour, Ontario and Vancouver, Canada. ISF Mens' World Series, Saskatoon, Saskatchean

Wiremu Tamaki - North American Tour, Ontario and Vancouver, Canada. ISF Mens' World Series, Saskatoon, Saskatchean
February 2009 Lance Brown - Pacific Series - Apia, Samoa
August 2008
Wiremu Tamaki - Olympics - Beijing, China
July 2008 Mark McFarlane - ISC World Tournament - Wisconsin, USA
June 2007 Wiremu Tamaki - ISF Junior Women - Netherlands
July 2006 Wayne Saunders - ISC World Tournament - Ontario, Canada
July 2004 Lindsay Edwards - ISC World Tournament - North Dakota, USA
January to August 2004 Wayne Saunders - ISF Men's World Series - Christchurch, New Zealand. Canada Cup - Vancouver, Canada. Prague Cup - Czech Republic. Olympics - Athens, Greece
June - July 2003 Wayne Saunders - Canada Cup - Vancouver, Canada. Olympic Qualifier - Italy

National Umpiring Staff (NUS) MINUTES

July 2018 NUS Minutes
June 2017 NUS Minutes
July 2016 NUS Minutes
July 2015 Nus Minutes