Aimee Russell


Aimee Russell is the backbone of the Metro Mt Albert Softball Club, acting as not only secretary & treasurer but coach, player and principle fundraiser

Her unique methods of promoting the sport, and recognising players, have generated a huge following on social media - increasing page subscriptions and likes by 300% in three seasons. Aimee spends her weekends at the park photographing club teams, as well as regional & national competitions. She’s known as ‘Miss Paparazzi’ for her efforts.

Aimee has worked hard this season to grow the game with the smaller, grass roots clubs within Auckland - developing partnerships to utilise resources, as well as broadening opportunities for players with clubs working together. Having pushed for by-law reform three seasons ago to allow Loan Players, Aimee actively searches for options in sport which allow players of all ages to stay playing our game.

One such example is the established relationship with Parafed to make softball more accessible and inclusive to players of all ages and abilities.