The re-development of Surrey Park has re-energised the Southland Softball Association. Having been established in 1944 as one of the oldest sporting entities in the province, the association has tireless raised $1.8m to build their field of dreams. The concept of the new facility has been years in the making but with now well over 1000 members using the facility. Surrey Park has been Southland Softball's existing headquarters for 77 years. Completion of the current build is likely to provide a similar legacy. The new facilities meet an identified need, one that is fit-for-purpose and brought about through a steady growth in participation numbers year on year. With the old facility having outgrown its premises a new home for Southland softball was essential. The development of a new facility is no easy task, with planning, partnering and collaboration to ensure accessibility, sustainability, integration, and future proofing required. This accomplishment would not have been achieved without strong family and community ties, the backbone of the Southland Softball fraternity.

The new facilities are a credit to Noel Eade, a stalwart of the sport and the assigned project manager. The facility includes two all-weather diamonds and 10 additional T-Ball diamonds.