BLK Home Run Derby


Homerun derby will take place prior to the TAB Challenge Cup Grand Final at 1:35pm or earlier depending on what time the earlier game finishes.

The event will take place on Diamond 1, Freeman Field.

As a precursor to the main event Paul Carter from the New Zealand Breakers will have an opportunity to take some balls deep.

Anyone under the age of 12 can go into the outfield and attempt catch a ball. Please note children will partake at their own risk. For safety reasons children will be restricted by cones to ensure they aren't too close to the infield.

5 x $50 BLK vouchers will be up for grabs for the first 5 balls that are caught inside or outside the diamond by a child under the age of 12.
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Team Representative
New Zealand Isaac Fletcher
Japan Atsushi Komiyama
Argentina Bruno Motroni
Australia Jett Wright
Czech Republic David Mertl
Samoa Josh Nui
  • Each batter will have 6 outs.
  • Batters do not have to swing at every pitch.
  • A missed swing, foul ball, or tip is counted as an out. Anything short of the fence is counted as an out.
  • A homerun will need to clear the home run fence on the full
  • The top 2 hitters will advance to the second and final round.
  • Ties will lead to a sudden death round. This will determine the two finalists and overall winner if required. In a sudden death each batter will receive 4 outs. If tied after that batters will receive one out each until a winner is found.