Marie Byrne

SNZ AWARDS - 19-26

Marie Byrne is a stalwart to Softball. Her involvement is largely around scoring, having started at the young age of 12, but she has also held roles on committees and as the secretary of the Christchurch United Club for 15 years. She currently holds the position as the Chair of Canterbury Softball’s board and is also the SNZ Deputy Chief Scorer for the Southern region, where she has been on the NZ panel since 2008.

To say that Marie is a dedicated scorer within softball is an understatement. To give a little perspective, she has scored 3050 games for her Club team the PCU Devils. She has scored 241 International games, 87 games as a Canterbury representative team scorer, 974 games at National tournaments and 398 other games at local fixtures. Her involvement with the PCU Devils started in the 1984/5 where she has remained involved until this day as the Premier Men’s scorer. Having picked up scoring as a tween, Marie went on to obtain her Level 7 scorers’ badge in 1984. After involvement with national tournaments for the next decade, she stepped into the position as the Chief Scorer for Canterbury – a role she held on and off between 1995 and 2007.

Marie has been involved as Tournament Statistician, Official Scorer and Chief Scorer at various national tournaments in New Zealand. She has set the Softball NZ Scorers Theory & Refresher exams for the past 21 years As a team statistician, Marie has worked alongside the NZ A Men in Canberra, the White Sox in 2001 and for the 2002 World Series, the NZ Red Team for the 2006 South Pacific Series, the More FM NZ Team at the Millenium Series, and the NZ Kiwis for the 1994 South Pacific Series. She has been involved as a WBSC official at the 2004 Men’s World Series, the 2013 Men’s World Series (Electronic Chief Scorer), 2014 World Series Qualifier (Chief Scorer), 2020 WBSC Under 18 Boy’s World Cup and the 2022 WBSC Men’s World Cup.

It has been a long time coming, and we are pleased to honor Marie Byrne and her undoubtable impact on our sport for the past four decades.