Shyah Hale

SNZ AWARDS - 15-428

As a White Sox squad member, Shyah Hale demonstrated strengths in many areas this season. Hitting the long ball and mixing this in with the short game; stealing and taking the field on for extra bases when baserunning; showing versatility in the field playing multiple infield positions; and even being part of the pitching rotation for her club team, Waitakere Bears. All of this was on show throughout the season and was highlighted during the National Fastpitch Championship (NFC) and Club Nationals Championships, where she consistently featured in the stats for batting average, RBIs and homeruns.

As a 19-year-old, Shyah was part of the Auckland Women’s team that won the National Fastpitch Championship and she also helped her club team Waitakere Bears, make the Club Nationals Final. Currently playing in Netherlands this offseason, Shyah is a talented athlete with lots of potential to do great things in the future. Congratulations Shyah Hale - 2024 NZ Female Player of the Year