Fundraising ideas

Fundraising doesn’t need to be boring, you can be fun and inventive with fundraising these days attracting more people to it than the good old sturdy and trusted raffle.
When thinking about fundraising, remember it shouldn’t be considered to pay for the everyday operational costs of the assn or club; rather it should fund special activities such as new buildings, special events, overseas team trips, and new programmes or projects.
A plan of action needs to form when wanting to raise funds, so you need to form or get the fundraising committee to meet to;
  1. Determine the amount you wish to raise
  2. Compile a time frame
  3. Review any past successes
  4. Remember enthusiasm counts - If you’re enthusiastic about something, you’ll be more motivated to sell and get people involved.
  5. Uncover any hidden talents and resources of club members, friends, relatives and associates.
  6. Promote your fundraiser in the appropriate places
  7. Make sure you have obtained all the necessary permissions and have covered all regulations (i.e.: council regulations, alcohol laws etc)
Please find below a list of resources and / or links that will assist with your fundraising efforts.
Please contact your appointed SNZ Softball officer for further assistance
Additionally you can also contact them if would like soft copies of any of the templates provided in the resources
Resource or link Description
  1. Fundraising ideas web link
  1. Fundraising ideas word doc 
There are two resources here that can provide you some fab ideas.
Both will provide you some excellent fundraising initiatives from an organised bike rides to your good ole BBQ. Take a look at both as they have some different ideas and concepts you may want to take on.
10 fundraising principles to remember
This document refers to 10 x quick “do’s” and “Don’ts” around fundraising