Gaming Grants

Great so your association or club is thinking of making a grants / funding application.
Grants are a valuable source of finance for activities, events and facilities.
While there is often money available through gaming trusts and charities, sport and recreation bodies and Government agencies, it is key to remember that clubs, associations and other groups also compete for that money.
 In New Zealand, gaming machines have been permitted to operate since 1988. Their number and popularity have grown considerably during this time and there are now more than 20,000 such machines operating in this country. These are all owned and operated by trusts that are legally bound to direct funds to the community and more than $300 million per year is allocated to sporting, educational, health, and arts groups and other charities.
To help give your association a competitive edge when it comes to applying for funding or grants with any Gaming or Charitable you will need to
  • Plan well,
  • Do your research on who to apply to
  • Make sure your application is for activities they cover
  • Fill out any forms carefully and provide in additional info requested.
Please find below a list of resources and / or links that will assist with your any funding applications
Please contact your appointed SNZ Softball officer for further assistance or would like soft copies of any of the templates provided in the resources.
Resource or link Description
 Template Funding Calendar

Use this template to help pre plan your associations funding requirements for the year ahead.
 SNZ’s Tips for submitting Grant applications
This document looks to help give your association a competitive edge when it comes to applying for funding or grants with any Gaming or Charitable Trust and will cover 2 main areas
  1. Information to consider prior to making your application and 
  2. Useful tips for your application process.
This document can be used in conjunction with the following documents available in our Club Tool Box on the Softball NZ webpage;
  1. Associations funding / grants calendar
  2. Example Fundraising and Sponsorship role description.
 Funding for Communities
 and  and-grants
Information on Funding for community groups
You will find the best funding matches on FundView. There are over 1200 grants to help with your administration costs, building redevelopment, salaries, volunteer expenses, equipment, furniture and more!
FundView includes funding from Government, local authorities, statutory and philanthropic trusts, gaming trusts, and service organisations.
 Sport NZs funding search link
Sport NZ have developed a searchable Directory of Potential Funding Sources in conjunction with the Funding Information Service (listed above row). If you're seeking funding for your team or project, we suggest you use this as a starting point.