The role of Funding and Sponsorship Committee

As most clubs or associations rely on some degree of external funding it would be wise to consider appointing a dedicated fund-raising person (volunteer or paid)  or establishing a fundraising committee (volunteer based).

The role of a fundraising committee is to:
  • Decide which of the club’s projects or activities need additional funding
  • Develop a fundraising plan.
  • Identify potential sources of funds e.g. sponsorship, or grants
  • Write the grant application or sponsorship proposal
  • ensure the funds raised are used for the designated purpose
  • maintain relationships with donors, grant agencies, and sponsors
Please find below a list of resources that will assist with making your Committee run efficiently and effectively
Please contact your appointed SNZ Softball officer for further assistance
Additionally you can also contact them if would like soft copies of any of the templates provided in the resources
Resource or link Description
Sample organisational tree for a club or association
Ask your association if they have one an organisational tree.  This will allows you to see the positioning of where your subcommittee  sits in relation to the board, any paid staff and also what other subcommittees sit within an association or clubs structure that you may need to liaise with
Fundraising & sponsorship  role description
A basic example of a role description you may wish to utilise or amend to suit.
Template funding calendar
Use this template to help pre plan your associations funding requirements for the year ahead.
SNZ’s Tips for submitting Grant applications
This document looks to help give your association a competitive edge when it comes to applying for funding or grants with any Gaming or Charitable Trust and will cover 2 main areas
  1. Information to consider prior to making your application and
  2. Useful tips for your application process.
This document can be used in conjunction with the following documents available in our Club Tool Box on the Softball NZ webpage;
  1. Associations funding / grants calendar
  2. Example Fundraising and Sponsorship role description.