Sponsorship has become one of the hardest aspects to achieve for any organisation and yet in order to function and operate it is one of the more critical tasks it can face.
Improving skills in acquisitions as well as the approach can be the difference between a yes and a no.
Over the years, like you and me, sponsorship has evolved. In today’s environment, monetary sponsorships are becoming harder to obtain. More and more sponsorships are becoming “Contra-sponsorships” (‘in-kind’) where the sponsor provides services, personnel or products, rather than money, in exchange for the benefits provided by the Association.
So if you were hoping to lure in a lucrative monetary deal, you may need to rethink your plan and go back to the drawing board.
There are two different approaches to sponsorship:
  1. A very formal approach which has pre-packaged sponsorship focusing on providing different levels of benefits to one or more potential sponsors  (e.g. bronze, silver, gold) that a potential sponsor may agree to  or
  1. A custom designed approach to sponsorship offering a more relaxed stance providing the sponsor benefits tailored to suit them.
Who to approach for sponsorship:
There is no right or wrong but you are more likely to secure a deal through someone you know, through a friend of a friend or someone who has had a tie to your club or association in the past.  So think about who could be  a potential sponsor among
  • Club members, family & friends
  • Local businesses & suppliers
  • Larger organisations
Sponsorship proposals
Whilst the approach to sponsorship has changed over the years, and the “coffee meeting” or that face to face meeting can be your make and break moment, like anything, an uncoordinated approach could end up giving a potential sponsor a negative first impression.
At any meeting you have with a potential sponsor, make sure you have done your homework and have found out as much as you can about the business you are approaching, e.g. its desired image, products and services, its corporate objectives.
It is extremely important that you put together a well-presented case to a company so that they understand your club and association and what benefits it can have to their company.
There are several steps to go through when considering your application and these all revolve around Planning.
Stage 1: Building the plan (your brand, research and fit, your value)
Stage 2: Write/ rehearse a proposal
Stage 3: The coffee meeting – the very important face to face contact needed
Stage 4: Close the deal
Stage 5: Manage the relationship
Please find below a list of resources and / or links that will assist with your any funding applications
Please contact your appointed SNZ Softball officer for further assistance or would like soft copies of any of the templates provided in the resources.
Resource or link Description
SNZ A guide to gaining sponsorship
Well worth a read, this resource works its way through the 5 stages listed above and will be very insightful for you.  It bases its concepts around custom designed packages. However It is not a “how to” on writing the actual proposal. Instead this resource is designed to give some insight to the skills required to building and gaining sponsorship partnerships for your organisation