Nicole Jack


Nicole has provided decades of service to the game of softball in the Wellington region.

Serving almost 20 years on the executive at Miramar Softball Club, where she was awarded Life Member status, Nicole held positions of secretary, treasurer, and junior convenor before joining the Wellington Softball Association Committee.

Utilising her accountancy background and taking on the position of treasurer, saw the association benefit from strong financial leadership. As President of the Association, Nicole provided strong strategic direction and capability. Her leadership and communication strengths helped guide the association through difficult trading periods and none moreso than during the Covid-19 Pandemic, where her foresight enabled the realignment of its long-term strategic plan and fiscal planning, to develop resource capability and ultimately employment for the association’s development officer positions.

Nicole aided the implementation of the association database and online registration system, effectively streamlining administrative processes for its members.

Her selfless attitude and unwavering commitment to the game and its members, has seen a commitment from Nicole to work from home in her professional career to provide more time and resource to the association’s operational staff in times of need and transition.

Nicole and partner Wayne Nichols, are shortly leaving to the UK for a long overdue OE, but her support of the game has not wavered and has already planned the itinerary in supporting of the New Zealand White Sox in Italy this July when the group competes at the World Cup qualifier.