Stephen Wairau


Stephen is Club President for Tawa Softball Club where he does a huge amount of work on and off the diamond.  He not only coaches and runs the P1 women’s team, but has also taken on the UI7 girls and U13 girls’ teams too. Steve also runs pitching sessions for all girls before practice. He recently was appointed as assistant coach to the Wellington U17 girls’ team for the national tournament.

Stephen is honest and sees the best in people. He wants the best for Softball…. not just his club or team, but the whole softball community. Stephen oversees community school relationships with New Zealand Police, so is out there in the community building relationships and supporting community, in particular schools where is caring and endearing nature comes through – just like when he is on the diamond.

He operates with integrity and commitment, and wants people, and particularly girls, to have great opportunities within Softball, and in life.